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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Groups & Sites Are Here!

Finally, we can welcome Groups and Sites to our Fordham Google Apps domain to everyone! But that is not all. We have plans to release other apps, Blogger, Hangouts, Picasa, and more. Visit our blog and stay tuned for release dates coming soon.

If you have used Google Groups and Google Sites before, you will enjoy that same functionality with your account. If you haven't, visit the Groups and Sites overview pages to find out more.

Groups are a good tool to stay in touch with people that share your same interests or, even better, it is the perfect tool to stay in touch with your peers, keep track of current activities, and work with others on day-to-day tasks.

But the fun doesn't stop there. With Google Sites you can create your own webpages.  You don't need to know HTML and yes, there are templates that help you put up a page within minutes.  You can create a page and collaborate with your team or organization. You can even create a page to publish your ideas.

Groups and Sites are part of Google Core Apps. Core Apps are those apps covered by Fordham University’s existing Google Apps terms of service, and this agreement specifically covers the following applications: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (Docs), Groups, Sites, and Talk (Chat).

To enable Groups and Sites on your Fordham Google Apps Domain account, read the Fordham Policy on the Use of Google Sites and Groups.

Group facts:

  1. Access to groups with a account.
  2. Anyone with a account can create a group.
  3. The suffix a"_pub" will be automatically added to the group name.  Example:
  4. accounts can be members of a group.

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