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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Have a Happy Holiday... Securely

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday from 
Fordham IT’s University Information Security Office (UISO)

Follow these tips and protect yourself from spam and phishing!

Before clicking on links or opening attachments in an email, verify the sender. An email from friends or family might contain malicious content, if their account has been hacked. If you don’t think the email sounds like something they would send, they probably didn’t send it.

Credit Cards
Use a credit card for online purchases. Debit and ATM card numbers can be stolen and more easily used without your authorization.

Secure Websites

Always look for https (as opposed to http) on a website’s URL when making a purchase. The “s”indicates the site provides a layer of security for transmitting your personal information over the Internet.

Browsers and Security Software
Keep your browser, browser plug-ins (such as video players), and security software up to date. Use Fordham's free Symantec Antivirus Protection.

Too Good to be True?
Avoid clicking on links on websites, online ads, and emails with offers on popular gifts and gadgets that sound too good to be true. Those links might contain viruses that will instantly download onto your computer. 

If a free or discounted offer requests a bank account, social security, or credit card number, it’s most likely a scam.

Get Help 

If you receive an email request personal information or are concerned about an email, contact IT Customer Care to assess the email's validity. Subscribe to the Fordham SecureIT blog for updated information about phishing and spam, including current known activity at Fordham University.

Contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or Follow @FordhamIT on Twitter, where we post news and service alerts. If you don't have a Twitter account, use the URL

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Student Internships at Fordham IT Receive Rave Reviews

by Judith Rothschild and Deirdre Dillon

For some Fordham University students, their internship at Fordham IT is playing an integral role in helping them gain valuable experience for careers after college. 

Trevor Haskell, a junior and computer science major, who works with Shannon Ortiz, Director of IT Security, says, “I have worked with several different systems to create automation for various processes within the department, including enterprise-level devices, like the Intrusion Detection System (IDS), HP Tipping Point. The internship has been rewarding and given me practical hands-on experience.”

Trevor Haskell and his teammates present their
app to the Google Scholars Conference
If Trevor, who is recent winner of a People's Choice Award from the 2014 Google Scholars Conference for an app he helped create, pursues an IT-related career, he may have an advantage over other applicants, thanks to this internship.

The IT Internship Program was launched by Student Technology Services, which is committed to empowering and educating our student population. These new positions allow Fordham students to be directly involved in day-to-day IT operations. They gain real-world knowledge by contributing to the development and maintenance of the wide range of technologies that Fordham IT provides. At the same time, our interns lend their perspective and unique insights to IT staff. 

Aaron DeVera, IT Intern
This fall, Rashid Khan, Director of Analytics for Fordham IT, welcomed his new intern, Aaron DeVera, a junior with a major in economics. Rashid is very pleased with the internship program. “It offers us the opportunity to give back and enrich the lives of our students. At the same time, they offer us a fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking that can improve our solutions.” Rashid and the Business Intelligence team are excited to be taking advantage of both the teaching and learning prospect that the IT Internship Program offers to participants. 

Student Technology Services looks forward to expanding these offerings and hopes that more IT groups will join this great endeavor. If you have any questions or are interested in funding a position for next fall, please contact

Judith Rothschild is Manager of Student Technology Services
Deirdre Dillon is Director of Student Technology Services

Monday, November 24, 2014

More Google Apps at Fordham!

Members of the Fordham University with a are receiving their holiday gift a little early. 

Over the Thanksgiving break, almost 50 Google Consumer Apps will be made available, including Google Maps, Finance, and Picasa. See the full list of available apps, below.

Fordham's Google apps are accessed clicking on the grey square checkerboard icon near the upper-right corner of your Gmail page. 

Before using the Google Consumer Apps, you will need to agree the Fordham Policy for Use of Non-Core Google Services and Google's Privacy Policy. These policies represent a usage agreement that is between you and Google.

The agreement only pertains to the Consumer Apps. Your use of Google's Core Apps, which include Gmail, Drive, Groups, and Sites, is governed by the agreement between Fordham University and Google.

Blogger Blog Platform
3D Warehouse Create 3D models.
Chrome Management Configure policies for your organization's Chrome devices
Chrome Web Store Market Place for Chrome Web Apps
Feedburner RSS Feeds
Fusion Tables Merge google sheets, local files and web data into tables
Google Analytics Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
Google App Engine Console Manage apps built on the Google Platform
Google Bookmarks Create bookmarks you can access anywhere
Google Books Search the full text of books
Google Chrome Sync Synch bookmarks accross multiple computers
Google Code Google home for developers
Google Custom Search Create a search engine tailored to your needs
Google Desktop Information when you want it, right on your desktop
Google Finance Get real-time stock quotes & charts, financial news, currency conversions, or track your portfolio with Google Finance.
Google Friend Connect  Add "social" tools to websites
Google Hotpot Rate places to get personalized recommendation, powered by your and your friends
Google in your language Volunteer to translate Google's services into various languages
Google Map Maker Allows users to update maps
Google Maps View Edit Google maps
Google Moderator Answer the questions your audience cares about
Google News Create customize Google news
Google Offers Get amazing deals of 50% off or more at the best palces to eat, shop and stay.
Google Places Add or edit your local business listing on Google maps
Google Public Data Explorer Explore Public datasets with analitic tools
Google Reader Keep up with the news and blogs you care about most
Google Sidewiki Contribute helpful information to any web page
Google Squared Automtically buld tables of facts using the web
Google Subscribed Links Add custom features to Google Search
Google Takeout Backup and download the data in your Google Account
Google Translator Toolkit Google Translator Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that helps translators work faster and better.
Google Voice Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones -- a phone number that is tied to you, not to a device or a location.
Google Webmaster Tools Get Googles's view of your site
Google +  COMING SOON Social media platform that lets your users share information and collaborate with others, both inside and outside your organization. Base service for several other services, such as Google Hangout
Helpouts Get real help from real people in real time
iGoogle Add news, games and more to the google homepage
Individual Storage If you run out of storage space, Google offers you the opportunity to purchase additional storage. The extra storage is available for Google Drive, Gmail, and Picasa Web Albums.
Location History Location History and Reporting
Mobile Test Tools
Orkut Connect with a communitity of trsuted friends (to be shutdown September 30, 2014)
Panoramio Share photos of your favorite places
Partner Program Make Your Titles searchable in Goolge Books
Picasa Publish and share photos
Product Search Shop smarter with wishlist of your favoritee products
Web history Access and manage your web activity from any computer
YouTube Video sharing
YouTube CMS YouTube Content Management System
YouTube Promoted Videos Promote your content on YouTube.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bond Paper Printer Available at Rose Hill: Make Your Resume Stand Out

Most job and internship applications require you to submit your resume electronically. But when you go on the interview, it's a good idea to bring a hard copy of your resume because the interviewer might not have a copy handy.

Don't hand over a resume printed out on regular white paper. That paper is good enough for printing out directions to the interview location or information about the company that's interviewing you. 

Everything counts on a resume, including the paper. So what should you do?

Print your resume and cover letter on bond paper.

Bond paper is higher quality paper than the cheap stuff sold at Staples. It has a rich look and feel. Those qualities enhance the content on your resume. Using paper that looks good and feels good helps your resume stand out from the others in the pile on the interviewer's desk.

A printer with bond paper is available at Rose Hill.

Here's what you need to know:

Where Language Learning Center computer lab in the basement of Keating Hall, room B-25

Cost $0.20 a page.  

How Select Resume Printer from the drop-down menu when printing.

When Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 10 p. m.; Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sunday, 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Questions? Contact the student worker on duty or call the lab at 718-817-0799.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Career Day at Queens Vocational and Technical High School

by Kristen Treglia, Instructional Tecnologist

"I hope I inspired students to find a career they can be passionate about."

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to speak about my job at Fordham IT on Career Day at Queens Vocational and Technical High School. More than just telling them about my experience teaching HS math for 10 years and my career as an Instructional Technologist at Fordham during these past 5 years, I hope I inspired students to find a career they can be passionate about. I think Steve Jobs said it best:  "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all maters of the heart, you'll know when you find it."  

As a math geek, it was fun for me to be in the classroom again. We did a mini lesson on Pi and talked about my favorite holiday: Pi Day! We also talked about the importance of math in developing critical thinking, problem solving and logic skills, all of which are useful no matter what career students pursue. For the math phobic, I shared tips on coping with math anxiety and where to find resources for help. Math is a tool and language that a vast number of scientists need, no matter their field, but I also emphasized the beauty of mathematics and how math describes the nature of our universe.

In the second part of my talk, I described the many hats I wear as an Instructional Technologist, as well as the challenges and rewards of working in any IT job. My primary role is to assist faculty in learning and applying digital pedagogy, but I spend a fair amount of time as a videographer, media conversion specialist, Blackboard system admin, content creator, graphic designer, web designer/developer, and keep up to date with new resources and trends. Students were excited to hear about some of my job perks, such as testing out new technologies like Google Glass, travelling to conferences, and the many vacation days we get as university staff!

The students I spoke with are digital natives. They’ve always known a world with the Internet and are accustomed to a whole range of technologies. I drew from their knowledge to share some context about our current information age:

I framed that conversation by reminding them that as American citizens, we have rights, duties and privileges. The students were familiar with examples such as the First Amendment, jury duty, and education, but not so much with digital citizenship. Despite their digital nativeness, students were less knowledgeable about the diverse media and digital literacy skills that constitute core competencies of citizenship in the digital age. See The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship for more information.

Lively conversations such as these led students to ask many questions. In particular they were most excited to talk about 3D printing. Fordham's Faculty Technology Center just ordered a 3D printer that will soon be available for faculty to test. Students were surprised to learn that 3D printers print more than just plastic objects: They can print functioning organs, food, basic electronics, and even make up! Check out my wiki page on 3D printing that I put together for the two-part Learn IT I did last year on tech trends.

These high school students were already concerned about the significant expense of attending college. They wanted to check out free college courses and other opportunities for online education. I created a page on one of my websites with links to math resources, 3D printing and information about new careers, free online classes and MOOCs. 

I had a blast at Career Day and am looking forward to next year! If you wish to share your passion with career-minded students, please visit The Community Corps or contact Jana Markowitz, Director, Outreach/STEM Initiatives. 

Kristen Treglia is an Instructional Technologist.

Did you miss Calvin Byer's article about his career day experience? Read it here!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Important Security Patch for Apple OSX: Update Now

Apple has released an important security patch for its OSX operating system. You are strongly urged to download and install it.

The patch addresses vulnerabilities found in the bug called "Bourne-again Shell (bash)," which could allow a remote attacker to compromise your Apple computer.

Click on or copy and paste one of the secure links into your browser to reach Apple's page for the download:

It's quite possible that your Apple computer has already prompted you to install the update. Here is information about that process.

As always, if you have questions, please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or Follow @FordhamIT on Twitter, where we post news and service alerts. If you don't have a Twitter account, use the URL

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The RCC and Fordham's Academic Computing Environment (ACE)

Image source: Christina L. Cook
When it comes to crunching a lot of numbers, sand, abaci, paper, and chalkboards have long been abandoned. In their place are powerful servers that help researchers analyze big data, perform simulations, and write software. Thanks to the Academic Computing Environment (ACE) built and hosted by Fordham IT and supported by Instructional Technology and Academic Computing (ITAC), University researchers and their students from the sciences and the humanities at the University now have the ability to run high-performance, long-term computations, and monitor their progress. 

One such project running on ACE is the Research Computation Cluster (RCC), a collection of enterprise-class Linux servers, optimized for multi-user and interdisciplinary research computation and data analysis. The RCC was implemented by Dr. Abraham Smith and Dr. Ian Morrison from the Mathematics Department, with the support of ITAC's Faculty Technology Services, the Office of Research's Faculty Research Expense Program (FREP), and the Dean of Arts and Sciences. 

RCC Benefits
A primary benefit of the RCC is that it provides a safe, powerful alternative to personal desktop workstations used by faculty for computations. The RCC's cloud-based environment means faculty and students do not have to pause their research to carry out quotidian maintenance tasks, such as backups and software updates. Those tasks are done automatically, on the server.

Research students use the system to learn the basics of programming and data analysis using tools like MatLab, R, SAS, and Mathematica in a professional Unix environment, giving them valuable experience that will benefit them in future doctoral research and their
Image source:
careers. The RCC has also been instrumental in the summer research projects of several Rose Hill undergraduates, including some 
Clare Boothe Luce scholars.

Together, ACE and the RCC have saved individual departments thousands of dollars that their researchers would have needed to fund, purchase, and configure their hardware, as well as manage the ongoing administration of their servers. 

While the Mathematics Department makes the most use of the RCC, faculty and students from other departments are finding new uses for the system. 

RCC Projects
For example, neuroscience students are studying neurodevelopmental diseases using an NIH database of connectome images of the brain. The Economics Department uses the RCC to analyze international trade data. The Clare Booth Luce Scholars are developing computer vision and image recognition. Over at the Chemistry Department, researchers and their students explore how to model electron orbits. And back in the Mathematics Department, a cohort of ten undergraduates performed research in pure mathematics using fast computer algebra software. 

Contact RCC
Interested in using the RCC environment? Send an email to or to Alan Cafferkey, Director, Faculty Technology Services,

These fascinating research projects at Fordham would not be moving forward today without the RCC model of a shared resource.

Faculty from any department are welcome to explore and use the RCC. They should contact Abraham Smith at the Mathematics Department for more information. 

More About ACE
The Academic Computing Environment meets faculty demand for cloud-based computing resources. It is a boon to departments and faculty with born-digital scholarly projects or who wish to carry out research and experimentation using technology. In addition to the RCC, other projects getting started include digital humanities ventures, meta-text inquiries, and media presentations. 

The ACE Sandbox
ACE's sandbox environment allows faculty to research, experiment on, and test projects before bringing them to teaching or funding environments, or making them public.

Strengthen Grant-Based Research

Faculty include ACE in their list of technology resources for research projects, including those that support University initiatives and grants, such as Faculty Innovators andGrowing Research at Fordham. For internal and external grant applications, computing resources such as ACE can be crucial evidence of a project's academic viability and institutional commitment. 


ACE is a collaborative space. Faculty can work with colleagues and students assistants at Fordham and at other institutions on projects from anywhere in the world. 

Contact Alan Cafferkey, Director, Faculty Technology Services,

Thank you, Abe Smith, for supplying information about the RCC to help create this post.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gapps@Fordham: NEW Learn IT Series

by Diego Gomez, Fordham IT Team Messaging Leader

Gapps@Fordham is a new series of Learn IT sessions designed for faculty and staff who want to learn how to integrate Google's powerful applications into their teaching, research, and administration. Our web site has full explanations of the Google Apps currently available at Fordham.

During these Learn IT sessions we will explore Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Sites, Groups, and much more. Our next Learn IT will focus on Gmail and take place on September 10.

At the first Gapps@Fordham, which took place in August 2014, Diego Gomez, Fordham IT's Messaging Team Leader, gave participants an overview of Google's suite of applications. Watch the video of this session and access the presentation materials. View all past Learn ITs here.


Google Calendar is more than just a place for keeping track of your own schedule. Not only can you create an event, you can add guests, find a time when everyone is available, find a room in Fordham's 25Live room reservation system, and send an invitation to guests. When guests respond--Yes, No, or Maybe--their calendar and yours are automatically updated.

Need to change that event? You have the option of letting Google send a message updating everyone about the change. You can also send an email to your guest list.

With Google Calendar, you choose whether you want events to be public or private. Reminders can be sent, either via email or a pop-up. You can view other people's calendars, as well, if they've made them public or accessible to you. If someone's calendar is not accessible, you can request access to it.


Click on the square grid icon on the upper right corner of your Gmail page and then click on the Calendar icon:


Weekly view:

To create an event, click on the red Create button on the upper left, located above the small monthly calendar. 

Form to create an event:

- Calendar best practice:  
Respond to meeting invitations 
to let others know what your intentions are!

Chrome and Multiple Accounts

One of the many hidden treasures of the Google Chrome web browser today is the ability to create multiple identities / user accounts for one browser. If you have several gmail accounts, you don't have to logout and log back in each time you want to check both email accounts. After you've saved login information once for each account, you can always switch between accounts with the click of a mouse.

Video and Audio Google Talk

Instant messaging using Gtalk is a convenient and efficient way to communicate with your peers. Everyone at Fordham has access to audio and video chat sessions with Gtalk. All you need is a webcam and a microphone, and you can start video chatting with coworkers on Fordham Gmail.

Managing Attachments with Google Mail

Attaching a file to a new mail message is a familiar task for most. However, the integration of Google Drive with Gmail simplifies and streamlines this task. These two features make it easier to keep track of the document’s different versions and yes, even the file’s location! Here are the instructions to add or detach files from Gmail.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Career Day at the Urban Assembly Gateway School

by Calvin Byer, Assistant Director of Technology Training and Development

I jumped at the chance when Katherine Egan, Executive Director of the Strategic Program Office at Fordham IT, sent the call out for volunteers from VP_IT to participate in the Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology’s annual Career Day. The event, which took place on June 9, was a tremendous opportunity to reach students who are actively starting down an IT career path. During the day, students met over 30 IT professional from Fortune 500 companies and universities from the city. I know I would have loved to have this kind of interaction when I was their age.

The organizers of the event paired me with Allanah Thomas from Helicon, a mathematics education non-profit focused on minority women, and together we led a dialogue with students on “Design for Understanding.”  In a classroom of 25 sophomores, we discussed how the interfaces of  video games, websites and mobile apps are designed and quality tested to provide an intuitive user experience.

The afternoon wrapped up with 10 juniors giving quick presentations to the IT professionals about their respective internships from the year. These impressive students are the aspiring graphic designers, IT technicians and software developers of the near future. To that end, many of them have received or are close to receiving their certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, A+ and PC Pro.

Beyond that, it was inspiring to hear about the soft skills these students already know. They’re still in high school but are well-versed in the dynamics of an office environment. They’ve learned to see things from other perspectives, and this has deepened their experiences of collaborating with a diverse team.

Thank you to Katherine Egan for passing along this volunteering opportunity. Not only was it a chance to reach young IT professionals-to-be, I did some valuable networking with people across many industries.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Learn IT: Gapps @ Fordham NEW Series Begins August 6

Learn IT
Gapps @ Fordham Series

Diego Gomez, Fordham IT's Messaging Team Lead, 
discusses how Google Apps (Gapps) can make your work life easier.

Wednesday, August 6 2014.
11:00am - 12:00pm
RH - Walsh Family Library - Flom Auditorium

In the new Gapps @ Fordham LearnIT series, we will explore all the Google apps in detail, including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Groups and much more.

Join us for this introductory hands-on session where you will

> Learn about the Google applications available at Fordham <
> Discover new features in Google Email, Drive and Calendar <
> Participate in hands-on exercises that will familiarize you with Google Apps <

A Q&A session will follow the demonstration

We look forward to seeing you there.

Can't make it? View the livestream:

This session is recorded for viewing at a later date:

Stay up to date with us on Twitter! @FordhamIT 
Read our blog:

Contact IT Customer Care with any questions: (718) 817-3999 or via email to: