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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Imagine posting something useful on the Internet and then watching the number on the page view count escalate from hundreds of views to almost a thousand right before your very eyes.

That’s exactly what happened to ITAC’s Lindsay Karp after she uploaded her presentation “Tools for Tasks: Free Tools for Learning” on Slideshare. The editors at the site featured her presentation on the first page of the site's Education section on June 5:

You might say the presentation went viral in education circles online. Here's why:
  • 787 views in just two days; in about two weeks, 2623 unique users viewed the presentation
  • Featured as a top education search result in Slideshare
  • Pick of the day for June 5 on the British website, Development Processes Group
  • “Tools for Tasks Free Learning” was a top Google search result
Lindsay created "Tools for Tasks" for her presentation at the 2014 Faculty Technology Day. The slide show covers the following tasks and tools:
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools 
  • Screencasts - Jing, Screenr 
  • Video Conference - Google Hangout, Skype Video Call 
  • Presentation Tools - Slideshare, Brainshark 
  • Video Editing / Sharing tools - Keepvid, Tubechop 
  • Polling / Survey Tools - Google Form, Poll Everywhere, Doodle 
  • Backchannel - TodaysMeet, Twitter 

Great going, Lindsay!

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