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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Have a Happy Holiday... Securely

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday from 
Fordham IT’s University Information Security Office (UISO)

Follow these tips and protect yourself from spam and phishing!

Before clicking on links or opening attachments in an email, verify the sender. An email from friends or family might contain malicious content, if their account has been hacked. If you don’t think the email sounds like something they would send, they probably didn’t send it.

Credit Cards
Use a credit card for online purchases. Debit and ATM card numbers can be stolen and more easily used without your authorization.

Secure Websites

Always look for https (as opposed to http) on a website’s URL when making a purchase. The “s”indicates the site provides a layer of security for transmitting your personal information over the Internet.

Browsers and Security Software
Keep your browser, browser plug-ins (such as video players), and security software up to date. Use Fordham's free Symantec Antivirus Protection.

Too Good to be True?
Avoid clicking on links on websites, online ads, and emails with offers on popular gifts and gadgets that sound too good to be true. Those links might contain viruses that will instantly download onto your computer. 

If a free or discounted offer requests a bank account, social security, or credit card number, it’s most likely a scam.

Get Help 

If you receive an email request personal information or are concerned about an email, contact IT Customer Care to assess the email's validity. Subscribe to the Fordham SecureIT blog for updated information about phishing and spam, including current known activity at Fordham University.

Contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or Follow @FordhamIT on Twitter, where we post news and service alerts. If you don't have a Twitter account, use the URL

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Student Internships at Fordham IT Receive Rave Reviews

by Judith Rothschild and Deirdre Dillon

For some Fordham University students, their internship at Fordham IT is playing an integral role in helping them gain valuable experience for careers after college. 

Trevor Haskell, a junior and computer science major, who works with Shannon Ortiz, Director of IT Security, says, “I have worked with several different systems to create automation for various processes within the department, including enterprise-level devices, like the Intrusion Detection System (IDS), HP Tipping Point. The internship has been rewarding and given me practical hands-on experience.”

Trevor Haskell and his teammates present their
app to the Google Scholars Conference
If Trevor, who is recent winner of a People's Choice Award from the 2014 Google Scholars Conference for an app he helped create, pursues an IT-related career, he may have an advantage over other applicants, thanks to this internship.

The IT Internship Program was launched by Student Technology Services, which is committed to empowering and educating our student population. These new positions allow Fordham students to be directly involved in day-to-day IT operations. They gain real-world knowledge by contributing to the development and maintenance of the wide range of technologies that Fordham IT provides. At the same time, our interns lend their perspective and unique insights to IT staff. 

Aaron DeVera, IT Intern
This fall, Rashid Khan, Director of Analytics for Fordham IT, welcomed his new intern, Aaron DeVera, a junior with a major in economics. Rashid is very pleased with the internship program. “It offers us the opportunity to give back and enrich the lives of our students. At the same time, they offer us a fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking that can improve our solutions.” Rashid and the Business Intelligence team are excited to be taking advantage of both the teaching and learning prospect that the IT Internship Program offers to participants. 

Student Technology Services looks forward to expanding these offerings and hopes that more IT groups will join this great endeavor. If you have any questions or are interested in funding a position for next fall, please contact

Judith Rothschild is Manager of Student Technology Services
Deirdre Dillon is Director of Student Technology Services