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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rain, Sleet, or Snow, the Lecture Must Go On! (Online, That Is): A Guide for Recording & Sharing Lectures

Class may be cancelled due to bad weather, but it’s easy to record your lecture and share it with your students to help make up the lost class time.

Lindsay Karp, Senior Instructional Technologist with Faculty Technology Services, has created a handy guide of resources for how to create audio and video files, and then share them with students.

Record an audio file
  • Use your smartphone (with free apps for iPhone or Android) or on your personal computer using Audacity (PC/Mac). 
Insert an audio file into a PowerPoint file
  • Record a separate audio file for each slide (recommended).
  • On each PowerPoint slide, click on the Insert tab and select Insert Audio (from file) then navigate to the audio file for that slide.
  • To publish a PowerPoint show, click Save As, name the file, and selectPowerPoint Show from the drop-down menu under the file name. 
Add a PowerPoint or other file to your Blackboard page
  • Add an Item to Blackboard Quick guide  
    • To add an item to Blackboard, click on Browse under the attachment item to upload your file.
  • Please note: If you are posting to your course on Blackboard but haven’t used your course space yet this semester, you will need to make the course available in order for your students to access it.  
    • For quick reference sheets on using Blackboard, click on the Faculty Resources tab in Blackboard or check out our Blackboard help page on our website,
Free software for capturing and sharing lectures
  • Jing records a quick screencast (files are limited to 5 minutes recording time)
  • Brainshark records a video (upload slides and audio is recorded via a phone)
  • Educreations creates a short video using iPad.
  • Use Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie to create a video and upload to your Fordham YouTube channel. Most computers have these applications installed.
    • Please note: If you have not used the Fordham YouTube channel before, you will first need to enable it by signing the Google consumer apps agreement. To sign the agreement, you will need to be logged in with your Fordham Gmail address.
Tips for creating video
Visit Fordham's Faculty Technology Centers to consult on the best technology options for you. 

Keep in touch with Faculty Technology Services

  • Rose Hill Faculty Technology Center - Keating B-27A | 718-817-2289
  • Lincoln Center Faculty Technology Center - LL 416 | 212-636-7788
  • @FordhamIT On Twitter, where we announce upcoming events sponsored by FTC as well as news and scheduled maintenance. Use the URL to see our Twitter page:
  • Additionally, keep track of what’s going on at the FTC and Fordham IT with our calendar, located on our home page:

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