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Monday, March 9, 2015

Improving Fordham's Technology Resources

Computer Services is Digital Platform Services!
By David Whitney, Director of Digital Platform Services, Fordham IT

At Fordham University, you’ve always depended on Computer Services to provide you with server infrastructure support, Active Directory, backups, monitoring, Google Apps, and systems design assistance.

We’ve recently improved our ability to be even more flexible and responsive to your needs and those of the university. We also have a new name and an updated website: Digital Platform Services.  

Digital Platform Services has reorganized into cross-functional teams that draw on their collective experiences to collaboratively deliver technical expertise and service. This new organization allows us to quickly and efficiently meet your demands for support of existing and new technology resources as they continue to expand at Fordham. When possible, we manage projects in highly flexible and interactive ways, known as agile project planning, and we’re maximizing our use of cloud technologies according to current best practice. 

Our cross-functional teams are:

Enterprise Foundation Team (EFT) - Richard Eberhardt, Head
The Enterprise Foundation Team provides the University with a stable technology foundation for all services, supporting our collaboration with our partners to achieve Fordham’s business goals. On site or for the cloud, we design, implement, coordinate deployment of robust and reliable systems and solutions. 

Cloud/Agile Systems Management (CASM) - Diego Gomez, Head
The Cloud/Agile Systems Management team creates and sustain systems of collaboration, differentiation and innovation that are indispensable for learning, teaching, research and administration at Fordham. 

Configuration Management Team (CMT) - Raul Herrera, Head
The Configuration Management Team collaborates to ensure that best practices and procedures are used during all stages of the IT lifecycle (from architecture through the operational life of a solution to retirement.) Throughout the process, the team analyzes, reviews and documents the interrelations of Fordham’s diverse technology services portfolio.

Infrastructure Solutions Team (IST) - Edward Callahan, Head
The Infrastructure Solutions Team assures the availability and access to University services. We safeguard the University’s physical and virtual infrastructure, and ensure both data integrity and data retention

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Team (VDI) - Cross Director Group (David Whitney and Stephen Flynn)
The Virtual Desktop Team is hard at work, implementing the successful rollout of our Virtual Desktop Initiative (VDI) strategy. VDI provides faculty and staff with anytime, anywhere access to computer desktop services, while minimizing the maintenance and complexity of desktop computer hardware and software.

The Digital Platform Service teams draws upon a diverse group of talented men and women with lots of experience working in the complex IT environments of both higher education and business. Our new structure streamlines our services to you, making us more responsive to your needs. 

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